Home Security Comparison

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Home security is becoming an important issue with each passing day. Securing and ensuring the safety of your home is a top priority. That is if you ever want to go around with your normal duties and sleep at ease every day. Companies that provide home security systems have taken advantage of this fact and flooded the market with their products. As such, when you’re looking for the right system for your home, it may get confusing. That is why you need the right home security comparison to help you decide. So, what is that that you should look for?

Technology and Equipment

Equipment being used to protect your home should be of high quality. As such, it should come from trusted manufacturers. For example, GE provides the equipment for ProtectAmerica and FrontPoint; Honeywell manufacturers equipment for ADT and Protection 1; while companies like LifeShield and SimpliSafe manufacture their own equipment. The various equipment for the security systems include alarms, motion sensors, surveillance tools, glass break sensors, panic buttons, to even wireless sensors.

The type of equipment also matters. Is it wired or wireless? All reputable companies provide wireless systems. They are easier to use and more reliable. What if you already have a landline connection? Well, some companies like ADT still do offer the hard-wired systems, in addition to the wireless ones.

Cost of energy comes into mind. The home security system will undoubtedly add to your monthly energy bills. Various systems differ in this. For instance, Vivint’s equipment consumes less power than ADT.

In addition to security, some companies give you more goodies. Take ProtectAmerica, ADT, and FrontPoint for example. Their systems also offer you flood and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Installation and Setup

How will the home security system be installed? Different companies have different approaches when it comes to this. For instance, the likes of ADT, Vivint and Protection 1 require a professional to come over and set up your system. That way, it’s done rightly and perfectly, and you can have any queries answered on site.

Others make things easier for you by giving you the equipment and instructions to set up your system yourself. These are like SafeMart, LiveWatch, SimpliSafe and FrontPoint. The instructions are easy to follow, and since it’s DIY, you’ll incur no installation costs. Others like ProtectAmerica and LifeShield leave the choice up to you-to install the system yourself or have a technician do it for you.

Home Automation

Everyone wants to feel like they are on The Jetsons. You want to control your security system whether you’re at home, at the office or on an island thousands of miles away on vacation. Most companies like ADT, FrontPoint and ProtectAmerica offer various home automation features. You can control your home from wherever place you may be, whether it’s nearby through cellular linkage or from the other side of the planet through the internet.

Features vary from one company to the next, but they range from simply automated door locking, system arming and disarming, to even managing your home’s interior temperature. The remote accessing and programming of a security system is definitely a factor to consider before purchasing it.

Monitoring Services

Your goal is to for your home to be safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Honestly, if a security company can’t guarantee 24/7 home monitoring, it should be kicked to the curb. All the major security companies around, from ADT, FrontPoint, Vivint, SafeMart, and SimpliSafe to Protect America and LifeShield, offer around-the-clock monitoring.

Issues that differ here range from response time, interactive monitoring, intercoms used, and follow-up notifications. For instance, some companies like FrontPoint and SimpliSafe have one-way intercoms while others like Protection 1, Vivint and ProtectAmerica have two-way intercoms for communication between you and the monitoring centre.

Costs and Charges

Of course you want the best in terms of equipment and services, but you don’t want to go bankrupt in the process too. Typically, the higher the quality of systems and service, the higher the amount of cash you’ll cough up. If you pay less, you get a return of your money’s worth in service delivery. It’s business. However, you should watch out for overpricing. Most well established security companies go out of their way to ensure that the prices they charge are fair.

Let’s look at the basic monthly monitoring fees for instance. Usually, they range from $9 to $55 e.g., FrontPoint charges about $35, Protection 1 goes for $26, LifeShield charges you $30, Vivint will cost you $49 and ADT will charge you about $36. These are just the monitoring fees. You have to also think about installation costs for those systems that are not DIY.

Moreover, there are different packages offered by the different security companies. Each package has its unique features. Price differs from one package to the next.

Customer Service

If you’re using the services of a home security company, you might as well enjoy it. Companies are judged, praised or condemned, for how they relate with their customers. Some are renowned for their customer service, such as SimpliSafe. It’s open and transparent and actively engages its clients on social media, particularly Facebook. Others have received quite the bashing on these social media platforms and in reviews for how they handle their customers, particularly ADT. No one likes being kept waiting on a call to have a few questions answered.

Locksmith Companies Providing Home Security Systems:
There are some lock and key companies that also offer home security system installation services. It is important to remember a number of basic tips when contacting such companies:

  • Look for their security license.
  • Check if they have a BBB membership. Check out what other people have to say about them (potential complaints).
  • Have a chat with their existing customers (first hand experience!)

Two companies that provide such services in US and Canada:

Ottawa Locksmith LogoChilangos Locksmith Logo

Home Security Systems in Rochester Ny

Truth be told, not all customer reviews are honest and based on personal experience. Some customer reviews are fishy, others biased, and others are downright mean. However, you can assess the general trend of a company’s customer service from numerous ratings and reviews. There may be some off’s here and there, but you are bound to find a consistent pattern.

Vivint vs ADT

The Importance of Home Security Comparison

Don’t let the avalanche of products in the market scare, confuse or dissuade you. Don’t let the salespeople pressure you into signing contracts. As you have seen, you can easily break down all services into what you want. With the right home security comparison, you can make the right choice. All you have to do is compare the different brands and packages and make your decision. Go for the one that suits you best.

Don’t rush-take your time before finally making your decision. After all, you’re protecting your most dear and precious investment-your home.

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