Security Review: Frontpoint Security vs Protect America

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Security Review: Frontpoint Security vs Protect America

Frontpoint Security vs Protect AmericaYou never think of hiring a security services company until you become the victim of a robbery or your house gets broken into. With the recession of 2008, crime rates have increased in the country – which makes it absolutely imperative to have a proper security systems company by your side. This is important not only for the protection of your home and other material possessions, but also the safety and security of your loved ones.

Here, we review two prominent providers of home security systems, Protect America and FrontPoint Security.

Protect America 

Protect America is a popular provider of homeland security systems from Austin, Texas. It is considered to be one of the top rated home security providers of the year 2013. Let us discuss some of the important features of Protect America.

Technology and equipment: The equipment provided by the company is of a reasonably good quality and high technology. Protect America charges only for the service, and there are no charges for the security equipment. The security packages provided by Protect America depends on the budget and the particular security requirements of the customer.

The security systems installed at your premises are connected to the servers at protect America using a telephone line, or through the Internet, or by a cellular connection – depending on your choice. Protect America provides environmental sensors to detect fire, smoke or floods. Live video surveillance is also available.

Customer Service: Customer service is perhaps the most important factor in deciding on a security firm. Customers by and large have been highly appreciative of Protect America’s customer service.

Costs: The equipment, as said earlier comes free. The monthly security service charges are from $ 19.99 to $ 42.99 .

Conclusion: You cannot go wrong if you choose Protect America for your home security requirements.

FrontPoint Security 

FrontPoint Security is a premier home security provider that has joined the industrial behemoth General Electric (GE) in a strategic partnership. GE is well known for providing excellent security products. So a partnership with GE augurs well for FrontPoint Security. We discuss some of the features of FrontPoint Security to help you reach the right decision on which company to use for your home security.

Technology and equipment: The technology used by FrontPoint is as advanced as it gets in this industry. Relatively new technologies such as the cellular monitoring systems are extensively and exclusively used. Cellular monitoring is a reliable system and also eliminates the need for an internet connection or a land line to connect your home to the security company. Also, this system makes installation an easy and pain free experience. Whole house coverage is provided for. Which mean, the entire house is covered by this security system, hence providing an enhanced level of home security.
Customer service : Customer service provided by FrontPoint Security is a benchmark for the home security industry. Most customers are satisfied with the rapid response of the customer service team at FrontPoint.

Costs: FrontPoint Security provides 3 different plans.

1.Protection- costs $34.99 a month. This is the most basic plan and provides for all the essential security requirements.

2.Interactive- costs $42.99 a month. All the features of Protection plan plus e-mail and text alerts, location services and remote access.

3.Ultimate- costs $49.99 a month. All features of the lower plans are included in addition to advanced home automation and wireless radio services.

Conclusion: FrontPoint Security should be your #1 choice in home security. The technology from partner GE is reckoned to be the best in the field, superlative customer service and the fact that the company is a proven industry leader.

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