Security Review: Safemart vs Simplisafe

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Safemart vs Simplisafe

As they say, nobody wants paid security until one really needs it. We discuss two providers of home security systems and services, SafeMart and the Boston based SimpliSafe.


SafeMart provides a home security systems and monitoring plans suited for a wide variety of household budgets. The monitoring plans offered by SafeMart are affordable by the average person. Plus, the various plans offered are very flexible in terms of duration – which is a big bonus. And relocation is quite easy. Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of SafeMart.

The Pros :
# Quality technology for all needs.
SafeMart provides a variety of security products and solutions, ranging from the pricey to the affordable. A wide variety of security equipment can be combined and used in the SafeMart “smart” security system. The system is completely wireless and based on cellular technology, removing the need for land line connections from home to the SafeMart server.
# Multiple OEMs.
SafeMart products can be sourced from a variety of original equipment manufacturers, giving the customer the benefit of great choice. Also, this means that SafeMart cannot be held ransom by any single manufacturer, thereby giving it a lot of flexible options.
# Flexible contracts.
SafeMart contracts are of relatively short duration of one to two years. This gives the customer the option of opting out if needed. Also, monitoring plans are provided in a wide range of prices, from $ 9.95 to $ 49.5 a month.
# Customer service.
SafeMart customer service has been described to be top notch by many satisfied customers. The response from the customer service teams have been found to be prompt and effective.

The Cons : 
It is hard for this reviewer to detect any flaws in SafeMart. So we shall leave it at that.

SimpliSafe :
SimpliSafe Home Security Systems is Boston based home security provider which has been endorsed recently by celebrities such as the personal finance expert Dave Ramsey. As the name suggests, SimpliSafe aims to provide simple solutions to home security that can be afforded by any average person with a middle class income in the United States. Let us review some of the pros and cons of SimpliSafe.

The Pros : 
Very affordable plans :
The monthly plans cost no more than $ 25 a month – which makes it a very good option for the average American household. The installation requires an upfront cost of $400 to $700 depending on the equipment installed.
Cost effective, and yet quality technology :
SimpliSafe provides state of the art cellular monitoring technology which makes it possible to use your iPhone as a monitoring tool. There is no requirement for the old land line system which is fast turning obsolete.
Easy installation :
Installation and set-up of the security system has been found by customers to be very simple, just as the name “SimpliSafe” suggests.

The Cons :
Customer Service :
Customer service provided by SimpliSafe is perhaps the single biggest flaw in the company. Customers have been widely critical of it. Scores of complaints can be found online about the ineffectiveness and slow response of SimpliSafe’s customer service team. It is hoped by this reviewer that SimpliSafe corrects this serious fly in the ointment in the near future.

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